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Have you ever captured something that touched you, something you'll always remember? I just finished editing some footage for the local search and rescue team. I was focusing on the K-9 unit. Those dogs are truly dedicated! You could see the excitement on their faces when someone was found and the sadness when they were badly hurt (or worse). They sure work hard. I went out with them a couple of times and I doubt I'll forget those dogs. I genuinely love all animals, but those dogs are truly special.

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I've made some videos for kids with the Make-a-Wish Foundation. It's sad, of course it is, but I'm always surprised by their courage and unbreakable spirit. The families are amazing for holding it together. One of the mothers quietly confessed to me that she was saving her tears for after.

That sounds lovely, @SamanthaL. I'm glad you enjoyed it.


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There are certain images and videos that will always remain memorable. There is the joy that comes with accomplishing something without a lot of effort. The best aspect is every piece of work is always unique.


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The first video that I edited was the most memorable because I felt clueless at the time. I didn't know how frustrating it could be until I came across editing the audio. I can't forget that one since it was a learning experience other than just a project.

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