Yesterday's Actions With Today's Technology

Vid Syd

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Remember the Zapruder film? The video made from a spectator that caught the Kennedy assassination? What if that was all caught on a video camera with the technical capabilities we have now? Do you think it would have changed the investigation at all?

Paul Stevens

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I'm sure it would've changed the investigation, but I doubt it would've changed the outcome. What do you think? Wait, what are you picturing as the new tech? If you mean cameras everywhere like in a store parking lot, then yeah, it might. Oh, and spectators with cell phones! You know EVERYONE would be filming that and the surrounding scene. And at least 100 people would've posted a gruesome selfie on social media while making their "best" sad, pouting face - with the dead pres and stricken wife in the background #sosad #thoughtsandprayers #canubelieveit? #neverforget

Okay, I think I've talked myself around to it. I think it would've changed the outcome.


What a fun discussion! I don't think it would've changed the outcome of the investigation. There was so much chaos immediately after the assignation, that I doubt anyone could have gotten a clear picture.

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