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What are your thoughts on writing a book that goes backwards? I mean, from the end to the beginning? I've always thought that this would be a cool concept. I'm just not sure it would sell.


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It could work. I've some pretty popular movies that involved a lot of flashbacks. Heck, The Princess Bride is essentially one long flashback, and it's a cult favorite.

The Aire

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The only way to try it out is to try it out. Write a novel the usual way, then do it again from finish to start, or have the whole idea in your head and do it that way.


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I would love to read it. I think it's a brilliant idea. I like movies that are this way. Do you already have it planned out? Do you almost have to write it all and then flip it?

Sweet Takes

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I think this is brilliant! I love movies that give you the ending and you have to figure out the who and motive. I bet it would be pretty hard writing this way.

Mobile 5

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Watch THIS and take notes. It's a fascinating read and fascinating movie. Brad Pitt stars in it.

Additionally, try this: Take a script from any movie, and re-write it backwards to see if you can.

The Aire

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I thought you meant writing sdrawkcab. lol

It would be neat to try it. It would definitely help your comprehension and writing skills.

I don't know if I'm up to it though.

Vid Syd

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That's kind of what a prequel forces the rest of the series to become sometimes.

If I'm expecting the story to run backwards, that's fine. But if it changes course after a few chapters, no.


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Thanks for the tips and help. I started and it's been tough! I'm not giving up though! I will have to somehow alert the readers that I am doing it so they don't get frustrated and give up.

Culture Shot

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Writing backward could also be a good technique when you're stuck with the plot. If you would apply this to a movie, I bet the audience will be frustrated along the way with the characters' decisions.

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