Writer's Block

Sweet Takes

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I'm attempting to transition into more creative work, but I've hit a massive wall. Do you guys have any tips for getting over writer's block that actually work?

Culture Shot

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Stop what you're doing. That's the answer most of the time for people who get stuck. Let your mind wander and find a different perspective other than what you're trying to prove.


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Read on articles and reflect on others' work because that can help you gather more ideas. Another benefit of this would be learning to differentiate between good and bad writing. Don't stress yourself out when doing this, though.

Sweet Takes

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Thank you for your tips. Stop what you're doing does make a lot of sense (when you think about it). I did, for a week, and I feel refreshed and ready to go!


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I agree with the "stop what you're doing" approach, because it allows you to take a breather for a bit. If you force yourself, you will just get into a bigger writer's block. At least, in my experience it's the case. Try to relax :)

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