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When making documentaries about cultures, the shots aren't only the most important aspect of it but also the rapport that you'll develop with the people. I've watched The Dark Tourist and think that it's a great work because of the way the journalist communicates with individuals that are very different from himself. Being able to build a connection with the interviewee, I think, increases the credibility of a documentary. How far would you go for it if you will ever make one?


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I think it is really important to build a relationship with the people you are interviewing or making a documentary about. It helps you understand them better.


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I am not sure how far I would go, but I definitely would do my best to build a rapport with my potential interviewee. I think, like you said, it would make the story much more credible.

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I'll freely let myself engage with other people to learn about their different aspects in the most unfiltered sense. In making documentaries that concern people and various ways of life, how an observer act is such an important factor. So if given the chance, the best thing I can do is to blend in.

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