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Are these video cameras worth a look, or is Canon still better for stills? I've been using one their hybrids for the past three years and I'm happy with it. Just wondering if their video cameras have improved enough to take the leap.


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Canon has been steadily improving its video camera line. Now you can expect better stabilization, a longer battery life, and an intuitive interface. They've made some big changes for the better.

Fairytale Studios

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I prefer Panasonic for recording videos and Canon for taking photos. I think Canon's line has gotten better over the years, but I'd buy a hybrid instead of a Canon video camera.

Paul Stevens

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I think part of the problem is that we get set in our ways. You learn how to use a certain camera or you have a good experience with a particular brand and all of a sudden it's the only brand you're willing to try. I know I fall into that trap sometimes.

Mobile 5

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It's worth a look. There is a conversation in here about what you can do when you feel like your current work isn't that good at the moment. This is one thing you can do......buy different equipment that has different capabilities.

You won't know if it suits you better if you don't try it.


I must say I do tend to agree with the above, @Fairytale Studios. I like the Canon FF range for stills, but Panasonic are great for videography. Also, they have such a wide range, from very cheap models to professional cameras, so everyone should be able to find one to suit their needs.

The Aire

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Canon being good only for stills is something only their competition says. They have a wide range of products, so I would definitely give them a try.


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I think Canon has come a long way when it comes to video cameras. I might be biased, because I am a huge Canon fan, but I honestly think they have quality products.


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I think it's work looking at. Canon has an excellent track record over the years and I also think they are improving their video camera line. But then again, unless you try it for yourself, you wont know :)

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