Why Don't People Vaccinate?


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Is there a valid, scientific reason why people won't vaccinate themselves from the Coronavirus? I can understand valid medical reasons, but outside of that, can there be a valid reason?

I'm not judging, I'm genuinely curious. Why don't people vaccinate?


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I think there's a lot of misinformation out there. Plus, the different variants don't help things. There's this idea that the virus is going to keep mutating, and the vaccine won't be as effective against all of them, so why bother getting it. At least, that's what I've heard from some folks.

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Some people are just anti-vax in general. They appear to be afraid that it causes autism, and they believe that vaccines contain aborted fetuses. It's hard to combat misinformation when a good portion of society gets their news from Facebook memes.


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Honestly I don't know! I don't judge people for not getting the Vax, I wonder why too. I can see younger people not because there isn't a lot of information on what it could do long term.


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There is no valid, scientic reason. Only personal, emotion based ones.

So many nurses have said that when they treat unvaccinated patients, those patients have no issue trusting the nurses and whatever shots/treatments they get. But they don't trust the initial vaccine that helps ensure they don't get the virus.



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I guess some people are completely against vaccines in general; not just for the Covid virus. I personally think it's wrong, but then again, who am I to judge?


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Yeah, my feelings too - who am I to judge. Their body, their choice. I'm a firm believer in this.. you get to decide what goes into your body.

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