Who's The Blue Elephant?


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Well, to put it simply, The Blue Elephant is a photography business that I run and (for some reason) let my two children name. My daughter's favorite color is blue. My son's favorite animal is an elephant. This is the compromise they came up with :) It's charming, memorable and reminds me of my two darling children. I couldn't ask for more in a name.

My business is relatively young. I actually started it in the beginning of 2020 (excellent timing, I know) and the pandemic has been a hit to business. Most of my clients were weddings. But we're managing. I'm hoping that others here have advice and ideas for how I can keep my business afloat during the pandemic.

That's all for an introduction for now. My daughter is asking me to read her a story, and that's a request I can't deny. Nice to meet everyone!


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I admire the creativity in the name. Every time you grab your camera, you get reminded of the children. I think that starting a business during a pandemic will prepare you for the challenges ahead. I wish you the best in the new year!
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It is great to meet you too. That is a unique name. 2020 wasn't an easy year to start a business, but hopefully, this year will be fruitful. Have you considered venturing into a specific niche?


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Thanks for the warm welcome and the well wishes! It's nice to know that everyone here is so welcoming! :) I told my kids that you guys like the name they came up with. They were both very pleased. And to answer your question, ShutterUp, I was planning on going into wedding photography specifically. But, 2020 was not the best year for weddings.

So now, I'm just taking whatever I can get until weddings start picking up again. Hopefully, I'll get more business soon!

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