Which one are you?


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From what I have read and experienced, there are about six photographer types; the hunter or gatherer, the explorer, the sportsman, the illustrator, the anarchist, and the director. Which one of these describes you?


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I have never heard about the six photographer types. I am not sure what they all mean, but from the names, I think I would be an explorer? I am not sure :D


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I have read an article about this a couple of years ago and it was pretty interesting. I think I am a hunter/gatherer, because I love to capture things/people on the move.


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Can a photographer have a bit of each type? I think I am an illustrator, explorer, or sportsman, depending on what I am shooting. It would be great to have each of the photographer types explained in detail!


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This is intriguing! I love personality tests and this sounds right up my alley! Just from the names of the categories, I'm going to say I'm an illustrator. I like to use my photography to help people understand concepts...in effect, I use photography, to illustrate things!


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I would mostly be a hunter or gatherer because there are many times when I would randomly take a picture of my family while they're having fun. When going for a run, I'm also the type to take a snap of the sky, even with my phone, because of how appealing it is.


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It is exciting to hear that you can all somehow identify with at least one personality type. I see bits of the illustrator, sportsman, explorer, and director in my work. I am yet to decide which one comes out the most!

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The illustrator. I like to punctuate my other works of art with photographs so my written word is accentuated with a visual. But wouldn't that make a hunter/gatherer as well because I am intentionally looking for a specific subject?


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I'm not fully an anarchist type of photographer but I'd happen to capture images out of the blue. Depending on the mood and when experimenting, images that would come out blurry end up being aesthetic.


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I am just curious to know what the director's personality is all about? My guess is when a photographer prefers to choose scenes and locations and take charge of the whole process. I would classify myself as an explorer.

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