When clients ask for the impossible


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I have a bride who is getting married in a part of Ireland that requires Americans to quarantine upon arrival for two weeks (that was the number last time I checked). It's all due to the pandemic, which is understandable, but it's not feasible for us at this time. I don't really think the bride has considered the financial burden she'd undertake to get us there and through that quarantine. Not to mention, none of us want to leave our families for that length of time. I've expressed this, but she keeps sending me solutions to the dilemma like we should sneak in somehow or lie to customs or find some other way to circumvent the rule, so we wouldn't have to be away from home for so long and it wouldn't be as expensive. Any suggestions for how to deal with this moving forward? I'm obviously not going to break their rules. That would put my business reputation on the line, not to mention it's just plain rude. She hired us before the plague broke out, but we have a clause in our contract that protects against this sort of scenario. I don't want to upset her either, and she's been genuinely kind and rational up until this point.


This is a difficult situation, but I would say that you cannot go. As you say, you cannot break the rules.
It would be better to tell her that you have made your final decision straight away. That way she can make an alternative arrangement for someone to take on the work in Ireland.
At least that is my opinion.

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Use the clause and be as professional about it as you can. If she gets upset, that's on her. You cannot realistically ask someone to break the law like this. Especially in a foreign country.

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Declining work because of reasons like this will give you a good name in the field. One lost client is ok when you consider the other potential clients who may see this and like your ethics.

Paul Stevens

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I'd try to make it work, but I'd use a different tactic than the bride's idea to go rogue. Do you know any professional videographers/photographers in Ireland who would be able to get the footage and shots you need? If not, reach out to some of your trusted contacts and see who they recommend. The worst case scenario would simply mean finding one online and vetting them well. Since you're in the business too, you'll be able to cut through any bull and puffery. Alternatively, you could ask the bride to do it herself, but that would probably work better if she's marrying there because of family and not just to have a wedding in a cool place. Give the professional in Ireland a percentage of your contract or charge the bride an additional fee for the extra work this will take. The other pro will give you the raw material that you'll use to produce the finished product.

The Aire

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If the bride is willing to pay your expenses for 2 weeks, I would do it. If you don't think she has considered that, do the math for her and include that in your proposal.


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If it's "a part" of Ireland, can the event be moved? If not, do what the country requires. International law and your overall reputation is more important than one client.


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Wow, thanks for all the replies! I'm not sure which way I'll go, but I appreciate being able to see the issue and possible solutions from so many different angles. You guys have given me a lot to think about.
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