What else to market?

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I mostly create fantasy films where parents pay me to put their child into a scene. It's sort of like modern day Glamour Shots. I love it, but the pandemic has hit my business hard. Who else should I market to; what other services should I offer?


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What about expanding your business to boomers since they're supposed to be the ones with all the money? You could recreate some of their old baby pics - like a before and after type thing.

Fairytale Studios

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Oh, that's a good one! Thanks for the idea. I quite like it and am already getting ideas - like posing them in a bathtub like President Taft.

Len S

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what other services should I offer?
The service of photo-shopping a backdrop into a photo, instead of putting a backdrop behind the subject in real life. Again, Covid has forced us to re-think the way we do things for the health of us and others.

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With your experience in filming, I assume you have video editing skills too. You can offer that to companies since there are a lot of employers looking for techy skills nowadays. I think you can even add your creative abilities to the market.


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Oh it's nice to have those skills! I can't wait for the day to start offering services to clients :) Have you thought about maybe shooting commercials? I think that would bring in quite a lot of money!

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