What do you think about the new E0S R6?

Paul Stevens

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Cannon's latest hybrid camera from the EOS line is coming out in July. What do you think of the specs? It can capture 8K video and boasts of a full-frame sensor equal to a frame of 35mm film. It can record amazing audio at 4K/60p which is good for us videographers. I'm not sure that I'm impressed with the specs though, and I don't think it's any better than the EOS R5. What's your take on it?


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If the leaked specs are anything to go by, then the EOS R6 will be a more exciting camera with a wide fanbase. We are looking at Canon's full-frame mirrorless flagship that will have 8K video capture and in-body image stabilization (IBS). It could end up being the most intriguing camera so far!


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It looks sweet and I bet it will have a good feel. That matters when you're shooting all day and fighting fatigue. There are some nice features such as being able to capture oversampled 5K video. I'm sure one of the lens kits would take it to the next level. So I think it's videography capabilities are great. On the other hand, the camera has a lower resolution than I'd like when taking stills. It's not a deal-breaker though.


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Send it my way. I think it will be fantastic for wedding videography and photography. You might not be able to record in RAW format, which will deter some buyers, but not everyone needs that option and this camera would be more than enough for me. Has the price leaked yet?

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