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The debate has been going on for years as to what makes someone entitled to use a certain moniker for their work. I don't normally care about that stuff, but I recently got some feedback about my advertising and how I should label myself in order to draw new clients. So, I ask you guys, what is your niche and what do you call yourself? A filmmaker? A videographer? A photographer? A creative? A surrealist? A portrait artist? What?

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I'm a professional videographer. I used to have a mentor that pushed me to call myself a cinematographer, since I shoot videos that turn kids into heroes, princesses, magicians, and more and transport them on a grand adventure. I balked at the idea though. Yes, I'm conveying a message and feeling, but it's only directed towards a minor audience of the kid and family. I'm not attempting to appeal to a large group or communicate anything to a broad audience. I guess I could call myself a filmmaker, but I'm not sure that I'd call my work art and "filmmaker" seems a tad pretentious for what I do.


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I am reading this and wondering what title best suits me. Whereas this may draw more clients, projecting yourself as a jack of all trades is a good thing. Labeling yourself as one thing can be disadvantageous, right?


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I'm not sure what I'm going to call myself yet. I'm still in school and I haven't settled yet on exactly what I'd like to do. So, when I'm more set in my career and I've gotten established, I'll decide on what to call myself. :)

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