What bad luck for this photographer!

Paul Stevens

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I feel terrible for the photographer! Imagine having your business suffer and having your name besmirched because one of your old clients committed a horrific murder. It was literally just a client. They didn't know each other beyond that! Since she's been identified by internet sleuths, the photographer's inbox has been flooded with so much drama and negativity that she can't get to her paying clients. Her business website is getting so many hits that it now takes forever to load. The people in the comment section totally don't get why it matters. I'm not linking to her business page or stating her personal or business name because I don't want to make things worse for her. That's why I linked to the article instead, since she spoke to the writer after getting identified and the article gives my thread context.


Wow, this is such a sad and unusual story, Paul.
If the website problem is so important, she should maybe email her clients and tell them to correspond with her by email at the moment?

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