Was Photography Your Dream Job?


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Had you always wanted to do photography, or did "fall" into this profession? I know someone who got their start in the field when their friend's wedding photographer cancelled last minute! What's your story?


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Yes, it was always my dream job. A hex on that wedding photographer who cancelled last minute. I'm glad that it fueled your friend to join our ranks.

The Aire

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At first I wanted to be a pilot, but I lost interest over time. Eventually, my artistic side took over and photography became the choice.

Amanda Louise

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I do photography as a hobby, so it was never my dream job. I do think it would be a really neat job to have, and I feel so fortunate to be able to pursue it as a hobby!


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I loved taking pictures as a kid so I would say it was my dream job! I started out helping a friend with their business. When I moved to a new city, I started my own business and have loved it! I feel so fortunate to take pictures for a living.


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I started taking pictures with my phone and began to enjoy doing it. It's my way of voicing my thoughts because I express a lot when captioning my photos. I wouldn't mind selling my pictures, yeah.

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