War Films: Old and New


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Older films about war will be more accurate for me. Think about it; the events just transpired when they made the movie. Information will be more fresh compared to newer films that will contain more biases. It can also happen, however, that recently made war films will have more information. Do you have an all-time favorite movie about war?


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Gone with the Wind is my favorite war film. The movie doesn't make many professional lists for it, maybe because it focuses more on the citizens rather than the battles, but it shows the human side of war and the devastation that it brings.


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There's this animation about the tragedies of war set in Japan called the Grave of the Fireflies. It's pure in a sense and a look at one of the many people's lives who barely live during those times. The film made me realize that we're just living, caged in our timelines and along with the flow of the world.


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I'm a bit torn between old ones and new ones. Old movies did have more recent information; however, new ones could have more information after interviewing people and their families. But then again, a lot of fake information could be included in the new ones.

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I don't have a favorite, I love them all. I love watching anything about the wars. I just watched Band of Brothers again (the series). I think that both old and new war movies are great.


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I don't really enjoy war movies that much to be honest. If it's something war related, I prefer to watch documentaries instead of movies. It just feels more real to me.

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If it's something war related, I prefer to watch documentaries instead of movies. It just feels more real to me.
I'm with you on this. I don't have anything against war movies, but I find it disrespectful when facts get distorted or exaggerated. At least, I won't have to worry about this watching documentaries.


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Another vote here for war documentaries instead of films. I feel that films really take away too much when it comes to history. They could easily manipulate facts and portray fake events.

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