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I read the NAB's PR release and I think this is a good idea. I wonder if it is somewhat motivated by the "fake news" vitriol that seemed to attack free press. Perhaps they're hoping to show that they're regular people, doing a job, and doing it well and with integrity. I'm just speculating, of course.

Culture Shot

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With this pandemic, there have been lots of conspiracies spiraling around the internet. Social media is becoming a source of fake news too so I find this campaign essential during these times. It can help prevent unnecessary panic by providing factual information and also support.


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The campaign is timely and with everything that's going on, there's a need to know how things are happening from the witness themselves. It also gives the news a community feeling to it because of how information is being provided by the locals.


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We need these fine people down on the Mexican border. To be honest, I never knew much about their organization until I saw it here. We need more unbiased reporting these days.


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Often, we don't appreciate how much it takes for broadcasters to create the final story. Perhaps it is a way to make people appreciate the free press and the sacrifices involved.

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I think that campaigns like this both work to educate the public about the hard work that goes into creating broadcasts, as well as honoring the people who make the broadcasts. I think it's important to recognize people's hard work and dedication.

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