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Would this be a profitable endeavor if you're still learning basic video making? I know the equipment needed is expensive which is why I was wondering if it's worth the investment.


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I love the technique. There are some amazingly talented photographers and videographers who use the technique in breathtaking ways to tell the story.
Would this be a profitable endeavor if you're still learning basic video making?
I think it's important to ask yourself who will buy your product and whether you will you lose customers if you can't give them that editing effect. If you notice that your clientele are requesting this technique then you can always make it an upcharge and buy the equipment you need then. Basically, I don't think that it's worth it to you at this time. Shoulder that burden after you start getting clients and can spread the expense/risk around and can write it off as a business expense on your taxes. I speak from experience. When I first started doing wedding videography I invested in so much extra "stuff" because I was convinced I needed it to attract customers and to create great videos. Much of it turned out to be unnecessary.


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What equipment do you think you'll need? I think you can create a montage with freeware like Openshot, but I might be misunderstanding the creative aspects of what you're envisioning.

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You can do a lot with software today without dropping a lot of cash to create something meaningful. Check out LunaPic and Movavi Photo Editor and see if either of those will work for you.

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