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I think Mike Henry had a good point when he said, "We're operating in a world where one good video can lead to a massive social following; where a massive social following; can drive programming decisions; and where programming can be dynamically created by a user or an advertiser." There's no doubt that social media has drastically changed our industry. How do you use social media to your advantage?

Paul Stevens

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I participate in a few of the #vod #videooftheday and #pod #picoftheday challenges. I work my hashtag magic on those. I search out new companies on social media that are running competitions. Since they aren't a well-known company yet, few videographers enter and that ups my chances of winning. That usually gets my videos featured on their website and I cross my fingers that they'll eventually make it big and people will see my work. Sometimes a monetary prize is included too.

The Aire

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I just use it to expose my work. FB has some very good and active groups that I use which get a lot of views. My first love though will always be doing it because I enjoy it.

Mobile 5

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I like the competitions too. It's good exposure and it's fun. You can network with people which is always beneficial as well. You never know who might run into.


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I share my photos online and I make sure to retweet and share my friends' photos too. I'm not the best at self-promotion and should work on it more.

Vid Syd

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I use it to listen to and see professionals in the industry. To learn. I want to network more and know more people in this crowd. It's not social networking as much as it is business networking.


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Social media has created stars in almost every field. I rarely take part in competitions these days but I agree that this can lead to a photographer's big break.

Len S

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I don't have the right personality to make videos effective marketing tools. But Mike was right, if you do video marketing right, it can boost your image, brand and sales 10 fold.

If you do it right.


Honestly I think social media has changed almost every industry and is impacting every aspect of our life as well. It’s a good opportunity for talented people to reach their audience. But it’s also undermining creativity if everyone becomes crowd pleaser.


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it’s also undermining creativity if everyone becomes crowd pleaser.
I would say "Let the market decide", but young viewers, for the most part, just want to see what their peers are seeing. Quality has little to do with this. On the business end however, that's where the artistic competition comes in.

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