VariCam LT 4K S35

Paul Stevens

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I've been using a Panasonic Cinema VariCam LT 4K S35 this past month for work. Overall, it's been a pleasure to work with, but it's definitely on the heavy side which can be cumbersome. Especially if you're traveling for work and the weight of your equipment affects your ticket price. It's also a hindrance if you'll be schlepping it off to the location. It records in 4K, which I've never found to be a problem, but some people will expect more, so I'm noting it. Despite the negatives, it's a versatile video camera at a fabulous price point. I recorded personal interviews, some wildlife scenes, and a school play with this device and it did not let me down. The videos were crisp and the audio was easily understandable. The controls are intuitive which made recording a real pleasure.


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It looks like a solid video camera. I've been stuck lugging heavy equipment around more times than I'd like to remember, but it's not so bad so long as you've got a tripod. I used to joke that the heavier the camera, the better the video.


The Panasonic VariCam LT 4K S35 is a highly regarded camera at it's price point, but as it is an expensive piece of equipment I am sure it is a pleasure to use, but not something one would want to buy unless using it professionally.
The image quality is rated as outstanding by users, which is probably the most important factor to consider. Also, it is comfortable to use on the shoulder, which is very important when filming for more than a few minutes, in my opinion.

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