Using PTZ cameras for streaming

Paul Stevens

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I think most people consider PTZ cameras to be useful security tools for businesses and even personal residences. However, they also make fantastic streaming cameras for entertainment. Due to COVID-19 many churches around here are still closed. Some churches have their own production crew for recording their services, while others are left scrambling. I've been asked to help a few times and I'm honestly not able to volunteer my time and equipment that regularly. So, I'd like to suggest an affordable PTZ camera system that is user-friendly so the staff or volunteers can work it themselves. So far, the most affordable brand I've found is called HuddleCam and I have no experience with them. Another option I'm looking at is the AV-1080G which runs a little under $700. Price is definitely a factor for many churches, so I'm trying to keep that in mind. What do you think?


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Do you know their budget by chance. I honestly never considered utilizing a PTZ cam that way, but it makes sense. You've opened my mind to tons of possibilities.

Paul Stevens

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Do you know their budget by chance.
No, not really, but I'm guessing a grand or less is what they'd shoot for. Maybe two grand at most. I'm sure the old adage applies here that you get what you pay for, but the cam wouldn't need to be fancy or create any special effects.


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If affordability is the most significant concern and the church is truly okay with a basic setup, then it could be done with a computer's built-in webcam and Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder. The computer would need to be positioned pretty close to the pastor and that clergy member wouldn't be able to walk around much. To get the best audio experience, the pastor would do well to talk directly to the camera so that the mouth is showing. Sometimes seeing how the lips move helps us determine what's being said when the image isn't the best.

Mobile 5

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The webcam option is very limiting. If a congregation is used to seeing and hearing a sermon in a certain way, chances are a webcam will dissapoint.

Len S

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If a video unit will benefit the entire congregation, why not just pool the money together? That way an expensive video camera is not so expensive anymore.


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I agree that PTZ cameras are affordable equipment that can come in handy when live streaming. They can also come in handy when holding meetings, webinars, or in live video production of conferences or events.

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