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Are there any underwater drones that can shoot videos and pictures for a decent price? How difficult are underwater drones to use in general? I have experience with filming underwater, but I don't have much practice with drones.

Paul Stevens

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How much is too much? Chasing Dory is a palm-sized underwater drone that runs around $400. It has a full HD camera and it has several promising reviews. Check out this one from CNET:

Reel Media

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That was the drone that I was going to suggest too, @Paul Stevens. It is a good budget drone. I own one and it takes good images and is simple to work. I can't say enough good things about it.


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I don't have much experience with underwater filming, but I imagine that the drones are expensive. Are you keen on pursuing underwater photography? Choosing this method is an excellent way to start!


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This looks really cool! I love the ocean and sea life, and this seems like a neat way to get some really cool shots! I wonder if there are any settings to compensate for murky water?


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You'll also have to consider if you would want a wireless drone because most underwater drones are usually connected to a floating buoy to prevent it from getting lost. It might not float away but sea creatures may take an interest and play with it.

Vid Syd

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That would be my concern as well. I was going to say put it in a cage and submerge it, but that would defeat the purpose of mobility.

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