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What do you guys think about Udemy? I randomly stumbled upon it yesterday and I saw so many photography and videography courses that were not expensive at all. Is it a good place to learn?

Fairytale Studios

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Possibly. I think it could be good for learning the basics and maybe even some advanced skills, but the best teacher is practice. To get good at photography and filmmaking you have to shoot a lot.


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I haven't heard of Udemy until now. I looked around on their website, and I agree with @Fairytale Studios. It looks like they'd be a good place to start, but not as a substitute for practicing. If taking a class is what gets you to practice, then go for it!


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I have bought a lot of courses on Udemy. Some of them are great, but some of them are average. I think it's a good platform. I learned a lot about Adobe applications from there.


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I took a course a few years ago on Udemy and it was a pretty good and comprehensive one. It's a good place to learn certain things.


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Thanks guys for your input. I did find some pretty good and interesting courses on there and I am seriously considering buying a couple, This forum rocks :)


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Maybe it is just me, but I have had a pretty negative experience with Udemy in the past. I know there are many instructors there, so it was that course I took that I didn't like. Your experience might be different.


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I actually have a course of my own on Udemy. I bought a few courses and I was pretty happy with them. As an instructor, it's a great platform to sell my knowledge too.

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