Toy Cars Looking Real

Len S

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Has anyone here managed to do this yet? Shooting a close up of a model car in a way that makes it look like the real thing? I'm thinking of a remote controlled toy car on the street.

Paul Stevens

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I've seen it done, and the effect is impressive when done well, but I've never attempted it myself. It's just not the type of thing I shoot.


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I have never done it either, but it does sounds like you need a lot of skill for it. I have seen some videos like that, and they look pretty realistic.

Mobile 5

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It seems there are technical aspects that have to be considered to do this correctly. How close you get to the subject in relation to how big or small the subject is. Its background would be important too.

I'm picturing a model train being operated with a remote control on a straight stretch of track.

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