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Have you ever seen those pictures where the photographer took a shot so close that you can't tell what it is right away? It's like a challenge to the viewer to try and discern what the object really is. Like naming a song with only 3 or 4 notes to go by.

I'm sitting in front of something right now and that idea just came to me. I think I might do that in a few days (this object is common where I live) and let you all guess.

Sound like fun?


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Yeah, that sounds familiar to me. I think I came across something like that when I was editing some videos. It might be a great idea to apply when making teaser posters.


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I have seen some photos like this before. I can't say it's fun for me, because I can't really tell what it is. But I guess it could be a good idea for a teaser like @Mentee said.

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That seems like one of the quizzes you'll see on the internet. It also gives me the vibe of a puzzle game. But then, since it's photography, the images are just everywhere.

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