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At work, the Top 40 UK singles charts was playing. I was surprised to hear Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams" near the top of the charts! With a bit of internet investigation I found out that this is basically because of a viral Tik Tok clip, in which a guy skateboards along a road, drinking some cranberry juice and lip-syncing to the song. This gained the song so much popularity that it is back in the charts.

I noticed that the clip is of very good quality, which makes me wonder whether it was made as spontaneously as it is made out to be.

All of which brings me to say, do you think there is scope for videographers to make professional clips for companies to upload to Tik Tok? Maybe smaller companies would be interested in an approach from semi-professional videographers? Especially those with some creative flair?

I know from talking to younger colleagues that Tik Tok is definitely a very trendy media to browse at the moment. So what do you guys think? Is the idea worth pursuing?

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I don't know. That video seemed to be a very random thing that exploded by chance. I really don't know if making videos for marketing for specific companies would actually work through Tik Tok.

Fleetwood Mac got lucky. I think that's all this was.


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How about approaching one of the small companies and pitching this idea? That is the surest way to know. Another thing to consider is whether or not Tik Tok can be an advertising tool and not just an entertainment platform.

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Well, it did help market a 43 year old song on accident. People will look at that and say "Yes, I can market something on here."


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If I were to do something like this, I would do it for the purpose of having something online I could pad my resume' with.

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