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There are many screenwriting contests out there to submit your work to, but most of them are at or near deadline right now. This one though has about 6 weeks left. If you have an idea for a T.V. show or movie, this sounds like a good one to try out.

So what type of sitcom would you pitch?

Paul Stevens

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I'm no writer, but I'd love to see more family friendly sitcoms like we had in the late 80s early 90s. I'd probably pitch something that fits into that niche.


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I'd pitch a sitcom about millennials who are just starting out in a big city after college. You could do a lot with that! Kind of like an updated Friends with younger actors.


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That the contest has been running for 11 years, yet I have never heard of it, appalls me. Imagine the kind of exposure that the winners get? Worth a try!

Markshot 12

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I wonder if your social media presence comes into play with the judging. It wouldn't hurt I suppose to have writing groups and a link to your own blog on your FB account and in your feed.


Thank you, this Emerging Screenwriters competition is a great find for me. I know quite a few aspiring writers, so I am going to inform them all about this. As for me, I would have to adapt one of the short stories that I have written.


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I wonder if your social media presence comes into play with the judging.

I'm sure they take it into consideration. The content takes front seat of course, but they will definitely check your online presence. It's a fine line, to be sure.


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I've entered a few writing contests, but I haven't heard of this one. I might enter at some point! One of the contests I entered provided feedback on the piece you submitted. The feedback from the judges, who were all professional writers, was well worth the entry fee.

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