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There has been a common belief that theater actors perform better, and are more talented that film actors. Their main reasoning behind this is that theater actors only get one shot at doing it right. Do you agree?


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It is true that they do have only one take and one chance at making it work. However, I don't believe film actors are any less talented. I guess they are two different sets of skills.

The Aire

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There are two different ways of applying their skills, as well.

It really depends on the viewer and what they like to see.

It's a very subjective opinion.


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I can't say because the setup is different for both of them. For film actors, some scenes need retake not because of their acting skills, but sometimes it's only for a better angle.

Len S

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If you can pull off being a theater actor/actress, acting for film should be a breeze. With the theater, you're out there live without all the bells and whistles that movies utilize to make things look less than realistic at times. In the theater, It's just you, your talent, and the audience who are judging it all firsthand.

The Aire

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Now that's true. They have more guts than I ever will.

Sometimes when I take photographs, I get the feeling that I only have one shot at it.

That's a commonality with theater acting, right?

Markshot 12

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While the theory is not totally wrong, it's not totally right, either. There are some movies where I don't know if a theater actor could have pulled off the main role. The Glass Castle comes to mind.

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