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What is the typical turnaround time (TAT) for your specific niche for videos and photos? I mainly create films and photos of children in fantasy scenes, and there's a turnaround time of about two weeks or less from when I start on the project to when I mail it out. I often finish within a few days and send things out early, but giving a deadline of two weeks buys me time in case something goes wrong. That seems to be the standard from what I've seen from my competitors. What's your niche's typical expected TAT?


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My niche is weddings, engagements, and other things centered around that industry. I can deliver a highlight reel in about a week or two. I think that's pretty standard because brides want to share it with everyone pretty quickly (even though no one else probably wants to see it, but I digress). It usually takes about six weeks to deliver the full polished video. I used to do wedding photos as well and still do from time to time. The TAT on that was about two months depending on what package the bride ordered and how busy I was at the time.


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One day. LOL What I've been doing lately are stills that I put on personal blog for my own marketing. I've been in kind of a lull lately so I'm catching up on side work.

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