The Goal Of Panasonic

Vid Syd

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This company has one main goal: To stay in existence. Their return on investment that helps dictate their profit margin is their number one priority.

This is not a review of the company itself, but if we know where a company's priorities stand, we can make a more informed decision as to what product suits us best, personally. Basically, we can determine if quality is high on their priority list.


Interesting that you say this, @Vid Syd. I have been reading some decent reviews of new Panasonic products lately. Is this company in financial trouble? If so, that was not something I was aware of.

Vid Syd

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They're struggling right now. This focus seems to be designed so their issues don't turn into problems. Maintaining what they have and not making any moves that are typically thought of as high risk.


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I thought the Lumix cams were still going strong, but I guess not. I hate to see so many companies struggling and I fear the day when it all boils down to a few big monopolies.

Len S

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If that day starts showing on the horizon, I can see big name photographers starting their own company just to put competition back in this market,

Paul Stevens

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There are some brands that you suspect will keep rolling no matter what and I have to say that Panasonic is one of them. They make good cin cameras, even today.

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