The Difference Between A Prop And A Portrait..........


Active member a human connection. If you want to do portrait photography but feel you're not good with people, start with family members.

Can you think of other ways to ease yourself into this type of work?


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That makes perfect sense to me. There is always someone who wants to "model" so use them. That is how I got started a few years ago. Great advice!

Sweet Takes

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I could not agree more. There is always people willing to help out with this. They get free photo's and you get to practice. Try different light, cameras, poses, etc. - until you get a great feel.


Active member That's good. The right lighting can put both the photographer and the subject more at ease. The mood it creates bleeds into the photograph.

Fairytale Studios

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Oh, no! No, no, no! I cannot imagine starting off with loved ones. Strangers were the way to go for me. I come from a critical family, and it still bothers me when they pick apart my work. Strangers? Well, I didn't care what they thought of my efforts at the time. Besides, I figured that strangers were more likely to be honest, since they weren't invested in our relationship.

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