Tech companies replacing cam companies?

Paul Stevens

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Are technology companies, like Apple and Google, replacing the old guard camera companies, like Panasonic and Canon? What do you guys think? I hate to say it, but I think all the innovation that's taking place is coming out of a tech company.


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When Panasonic and Canon first got started, they were considered high-tech companies. The only difference is, cameras replaced painting and drawing in "recording" what things looked like. It really was a new thing, but what's happening now.........not so much. It's just a new variation on an older theme.

High-Tech now is only innovative in that sense.

So no, I don't think they are replacing them as much as they are re-defining the technology. Cameras will always be around.


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People are so focused with taking videos and photos with their smartphones, that I don't see how the camera manufacturers aren't losing money. It's got to hurt. I think they're replacing the dedicated cameras that used to be trendy, like the basic digital camera that came out in the 90s. I don't believe that they'll knock out the bigwigs when it comes to professional photography and videography, though.

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