Supreme Court


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Man oh man, the Supreme Court has been handing down a lot of key opinions this week. Anyone else paying attention? I won't go into detail as it is political.

Lily Stew

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I saw that news, and it made me stop to check it because it's such a backward move. The supreme court seems to have illegalized abortion, and it just isn't right. I wonder what's going to happen.

Paul Stevens

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Several states have already made it illegal to have abortion, even if the gal was raped or was a victim of incest. That's just crazy to me. My grandmother was molested by her uncle, and it still haunts her today. She talks all the time about how glad she was that they moved away before he could accidentally get her pregnant. She is about to turn 95-years-old, and it's still on her mind.


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I'm furious, honestly. I can't believe they set aside years of precedent. Doctors test for many genetic diseases while the mom is pregnant. I would hate to be forced to bring a sick child into the world who will suffer greatly and have a short life. Not to mention how that situation might impact the financial and emotional well-being of my other children.

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