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I'm a little late to the game, but I just saw that NAB released a campaign in support of local broadcast journalism. It's nice to see praise for the broadcasters that keep us updated about the extreme weather events in our communities, cover local news events, and help hold our politicians accountable at every level. And they do it all without spreading lies and starting drama.


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I love that! I'll start sharing this on my social media pages. We have too much disinformation being bantered about by "news entertainment" shows. Thanks for sharing the campaign info, @SamanthaL.

Lily Stew

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That's some good news since it's the only way of holding politicians accountable. Valuing local as much as national journalism is vital; after all, it's all like a domino effect. Hopefully, it helps with fighting misinformation that is so prominent in social media.


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That may not seem much, but local journalism is a big deal. People can receive the news they deserve, and at the same time, get heard. We might have many problems going on now, but it's worse when the community overlooks these.

The Aire

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This is great. I see more journalists on local levels than I see on national levels. We need these men and women to help keep our leaders honest.

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