Sunrise and sunset shots

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Some of my favorite shots are of the sunrise or sunset. I will travel around and make sure I get several of both. If I'm on vacation or just traveling for work, I make sure I'm up early enough to do this (everyday).

Anyone else do this?


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If I do this every day, I will mostly be taking pictures of the sunset because I'm not an early bird. And well, not every location will allow you to see a decent sunset or sunrise. I only take pictures of the clouds most of the time.

Sweet Takes

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I live the clouds too. Some are pretty fascinating to look at.
You are right though, you can't always get good pictures. Half the fun is finding that perfect place for a great shot.


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Half the fun is finding that perfect place for a great shot.
I imagine myself looking for the great spot and forgetting to take the picture. Sometimes, it happens that I get in awe of what I'm looking at in front of me. Or I might not take too many shots to enjoy the view.

Sweet Takes

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@Mandy That is something that I know I have done many times. Or I take shots but they just don't show the beauty of the scene. Believe me, I've taken many dud sunrise photos.

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