Subtitles in a Theater?


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I would love if movie theaters had subtitles as a standard rule. Sometimes, I find it very hard to hear what actors are saying, and it really takes away from the experience. I haven't been to any theaters that have subtitles on a film yet, but it would be great if it was more common.


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I think that depending on the movie, it could be really distracting to have subtitles on a film. I'm not saying that it shouldn't happen at all in a theater, but I think for some movies it could take away from the experience.

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I would love to have subtitles on films in the theater. There could be showings set aside to have subtitles, and showings without subtitles, so that way people had options.


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Having subtitles in the theater won't be possible, but I would prefer it that way too. I'm speaking from my experience since I haven't encountered subtitles in cinemas. Sometimes the sounds are too loud, so I can't understand the words clearly.
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It would annoy me to death, but I can see why they should consider doing it, since it could help those who are hard of hearing.


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It would annoy me to no end too. I think the sound in the theater is too loud most times. I think subtitles would take away from the movie. Of course that is just my opinion.


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I'm a no too. I think more people would dislike this feature and that means they won't do it. I know some theaters do show movies with subtitles. You might just have to wait for the movie to come out on DVD or a streaming service and watch it at home.

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