Street photography


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Out of curiosity, is street photography a niche that most photographers don't choose? From what I have heard, it is not very demanding from a technical perspective. I assume that it is preferable to use a camera capable of doing high ISO shots while emitting little noise.


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Street photography is a unique genre, an appealing niche for photographers who like carrying their cameras everywhere they go. They can exercise their artistic freedom by capturing unplanned events just as they unfold.


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It looks like a niche that suits hobby photographers. Unless you own a street photography website that is constantly updated, it is hard to commercialize this niche. In such a case, you would need to have a camera with you all the time!

Culture Shot

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If someone is going to have street photography as a niche, he or she should have another focus aside from this one. And yeah, it'll be important to have a camera that won't be catching too much attention because otherwise, it could become an issue for people


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I haven't heard of this niche, but I find it intriguing that there's something like this. When I think of the streets, there's a lot that comes to mind. It can be busy people who are in a rush or someone who's only taking a walk. It might be fun to try this because there seem to be a lot of possible concepts and stories that can be made from strangers.

Vid Syd

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It's a fun hobby. There were so many times in the past when I saw something and thought, "I wish I had a camera for that".

So now I do.

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