Straight Photography Comeback

The Aire

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I say this type of photography needs to make a comeback in the major publications and galleries. No filters, no touch-ups,......nothing. What you see is what you get. Liken it to the push years ago to get more realistic looking models to do photoshoots. No more of this unrealistic imagery to make us feel that things are more beautiful than they are.

What do you say?


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This would be a good project! Since photography also aims to send a message, people may even start to feel better about themselves upon seeing those shots. Having realistic images would offer a better sense of reality and lessen the influence of unreasonable beauty standards.

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I'm picturing a rainy, New York City side street. The street lamps are on and it looks so wet in the picture you can almost smell it.

Nothing is more beautiful than realism.


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I'd feel comfortable looking at these kinds of pictures. There's a homely feeling to it that's similar to a vibe that you'd get from a book. Whether it would be about people or places, it's a good kind of reality check about how the world is doing.

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