Storm photography


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I believe that a majority of us witnessed storms while growing up. Did you know that there is a storm photography niche? It looks like something I would be interested in trying. What gear would I need?


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I have never heard of storm photography. But now that you mention it, it would make total sense to be a niche or sub-niche of its own. I think storms are, although dangerous, pretty fascinating :)


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Storm photography is definitely a niche, I have read something about this a long time ago. They do look great even if they can destroy a lot of things :D


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It turns out that this a popular niche, yet most photographers do not know much about storm photography. I stumbled upon this link that is a collection of premium storm imagery. My interest has now gone a notch higher!


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For sure you'll need a bag for your camera to prevent it from getting wet in case there's a sudden rainstorm. After all, the storm is unpredictable so you never know what's coming.

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Storms cover a wide range of areas that even when taken from a distance, can still cover the whole view of the camera. Wide-Angle lenses would be valuable in this case if you want your shots to capture an entire storm or at least most of it.

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Canon has some that have advanced features you need for this. During a storm the lighting is going to be bad, you won't want to get too close to the subject, so flash and zoom are extra important.


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It would be worth it to invest in a tripod because unlike in other niches, things are probably going to get wilder here. The environment's condition will be far from controlled, which means your camera will need more support on this one.


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The Sony PXW-FS7 is a widely used camera for this purpose.

Storms remind us of the power of nature, and I believe that storm photography should reflect that.

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Just to add, I think storm chasers are a cool bunch. it sounds like a very exhilarating way to make money. The videography involved would have to be top notch, as well as the equipment.

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It could be a suitable freelancing gig for people living in the countryside. They'll have all the sceneries there, but there's also the danger of being too exposed. I guess you'll have to have the guts to have this as a niche.

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