Stay 15 Feet Away.............Or Else.


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There is a bill being proposed in Arizona that, if passed, would make it illegal for someone to video record police from within 15 feet.

I saw a news clip of a reporter in Phoenix talking about this outside the Phoenix PD's headquarters, and after she stated that.................the camera zoomed in.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but even cell phone cameras have zoom capabilities, do they not? LOL

The Aire

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Yes, they do. (y)

Officer: "It's OK Mike, that random guy recording is 20 feet away."

Random Guy: "It's OK hon, I've got the zoom x2 on."

Our authorities seem to not understand basic technology.


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They sure do. As a matter of fact, the murder of George Floyd was filmed by a bystander's smartphone from across the street. It was a key part of the evidence that led to the conviction of the arresting officer, Derek Chauvin.

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Good point. Across the street. I'm sure that was a bit more than 15 feet. It helps prove a point that sometimes the farther you are from a subject, the better shot you get.


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That sure seems like a silly law. Yes, zoom! Maybe they are thinking that they will be protecting bystanders and police if they are at least 15 feet away?

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What I heard is that police in Tucson Arizona were being followed too closely by people, getting in the way of police work. I'm sure they know about zoom features, they just want people to physically stay out of their way.

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