Starting a photography business


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When venturing into photography, did you first acquire the required sets of skills and talents? I have seen people who bought the equipment bit-by-bit as they continued to grow in this craft. Remember, there are other aspects of the business that include getting a license, financial software, and insurance, among others.

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If you're good at the marketing, the business will come to you. I focus on that part first so I have real-time reasons to take care of the legalities.

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If you don't have the artistic skills, an eye for a good shot, then you should work on those first. The business aspect should come only after you know you have a fighting chance at succeeding.


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I think that you have to work on refining and perfecting your skills before venturing into the business. There is no harm in buying equipment bit by bit, but you have to ensure that your skills are up to par, considering the competition in this field!


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I would love to improve my photography skills, and I am in the process of looking for a new camera. I have never thought of starting a photography business to be honest. I think I would rather keep it as a hobby.


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I think it depends on what your goals are. Some people pursue photography as a hobby and explore the business side of it as an afterthought. In this way, the necessary skills get acquired before starting the business.

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