Sweet Takes

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I've been asked to take family photos outdoors, but they want a sleigh or a horse/buggy. Anyone done this? How did you make it if you didn't have access to either?

Paul Stevens

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I've made cardboard cutouts before. I traced a pattern onto the cardboard and cut it out myself with the same tools I use to carve a pumpkin. It works great if they're willing to go for that look. It isn't the most realistic sleigh, though.


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Have you tried looking around your town? In my area, lots of shops have sleighs set up for folks to use it as a backdrop for their candid photos. Maybe you'll get lucky, too.


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I bought a used model for a decent price, but I use it fairly often for wedding photos. If you pick up some more clients who want a sleigh photo, then it's worth looking for a used model. I made my money back fairly quickly. I know this might not apply to your situation, but I thought I'd throw it out there.

Sweet Takes

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I was lucky in that I found a local farmer that had one. He was gracious enough to pull it outside and let me use it.
I never thought about a cardboard cutout.

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