Sizzling, popping


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My lighting rig has started sizzling and popping when I turn it on. It still works great, and the noise comes and goes, but it's worrisome. Should I be prepared to replace my rig soon or is this just something that happens as it ages?


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Better to have it checked to make sure that it won't cause any accidents. If there's something wrong with it, fixing it will be easier, unlike learning about the problem later.

Martin Riley

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This might sound crazy, but have you tried changing the bulb. My regular lights do that when a bulb is about to go out. It doesn't hurt to try that first. It's a cheap solution, if it works.


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How long has it been like that? You can't stick up with that if it has been a while since it started making those noises. It's great if it's not affecting your work, but you better have it checked too.


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The bulbs might be getting too hot. I've had that happen to me before. Dust settling down might be the culprit, too. I hope you get it figured out. Good lighting is essential!


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I'm sad to say that my light went out for good, shortly after I posted here. I have no idea what was wrong with it.

Sweet Takes

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Oh no! It might be too late if the light is out completely. Did you take it somewhere to be looked at? Hopefully it is an easy, non expensive fix.

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