Silent Films Comeback?

Markshot 12

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What do you think you would have to do to make a silent film that gained a lot of praise and fans? When it was first done, they had no choice. Filmmaking was still new, and they were learning as they went. Now, people know exactly what they're doing and always improve on things.

How could a person marry those two disparities in knowledge to make an old-style film look like it belongs in 2022?


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I think it could be done, particularly if you focused on objects and living things that aren't expected to talk. A film about animals would fit the bill.

Culture Shot

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I see it applying to abstract films that have a short duration. It seems like a good project to start with so that there'd be more room for experimentation. However, any film might get that edge if people deem it relevant to society.

The Aire

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If you want to go abstract, try putting silence in for 5 minutes at a time. Place those "silencers" in the parts where they should be to make the audience think "why"?. Make it make sense.

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