Shows That Really Have an Impact


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I am currently watching Pablo Escobar: El Parton Del Mal, and as I am discovering the story of this drug lord, I am both fascinated and also sad that so many terrible things happened in Colombia. I think this TV show has really impacted me.

Can you think of any movies or TV series that had such a huge impact on you?

Lily Stew

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Add the movie 2012 to my list! Watching that made me think of what I should do in case that happens. I've given a thought to if my family and I would survive and how. Although it's Science fiction, there's some truth to it, and it did make me wonder a lot about our safety.

Culture Shot

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PK is a movie I'd recommend. I learned about it after watching Aamir Khan's 3 Idiots. Well, those films influenced my perspective about faith and success. They are a masterpiece because they show the irrationalities of our society's system well.

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