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I'd love to hear about the style of videos you shoot, the primary business that you are in, and anything else you'd like to share about your videography.

My primary business is wedding videography. I do most of the recording myself. I handle a lot of the editing, but I also have a backup editor on hand who has a good eye. The coronavirus has hit my industry pretty hard. I'm just hanging in there and earning where I can. More than a few couples have decided to go ahead and get married with just themselves, the preacher or Justice of the Peace, and me in attendance. Those are pretty special to record. I feel like I'm capturing the couple's story and sharing it with their parents and other loved ones who couldn't be there. I give those videos some extra care.


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I'm just starting out and haven't decided on a specific niche to target. Right now I've mostly been creating YouTube videos and learning as I go.

The Aire

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I do the nature thing. I'm not National Geographic caliber yet, but we can all dream. When I say nature I mean shots from a hiking trail, an Off Road Vehicle trail, or one I make off of those "beaten" paths. I like to go out early in the morning and catch nature when it's first waking up.

Paul Stevens

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I mostly shoot corporate videos - training seminars, compliance lessons, new product demonstrations, interviews, things like that. I also cover the political meetings and debates in my small city. Sometimes it's hard to stay awake. For fun, I enjoy making time-lapse videos of plants or people.

Fairytale Studios

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I recreate fairy tales for portraits. Some people come to the studio and sometimes I go to their event. I currently have two studio locations. Business hasn't been great since the coronavirus pandemic took the world by storm, but I'm hoping that it will pick back up as things return to normal. I went with Fairytale instead of Fairy Tale because that's what parents searched for most often.
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