Series or Movie?


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Either when watching or creating one, people get conflicted choosing between the two. Some movies have even been adapted into a series, which means more details have been integrated. However, it's sometimes troublesome to decide on what series to watch because of its length. How long would you like your stories if ever you watch or make one?


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If I was to create one, it would have to be a series. I believe that it allows creatives to think better and develop the plot. I have my favorite movies too, and most of the time, they are sequels.

Len S

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Movie for me. When it comes to this genre, I like the idea of condensing everything down to an hour or two. Anything over that would feel like too much work. LOL

Paul Stevens

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Like @PictureHub, I would take the series route too. I think movies are hard to edit when you're covering dense material. Creating a powerful series would be easier for me to do.


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Do you have an example of a movie that was adapted into a series? I would gladly watch it. I prefer a series because you can develop a broader plot and have more time to incorporate newer ideas.

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