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Let's say you make a homemade short film and you're really proud of it. How many friends and family would you feel comfortable with in your own home to be at the screening? And would temperature taking and masks be required?


Unfortunately, @Markshot 12, in the UK from tomorrow we are restricted to allowing no more than six people at a social gathering, so the answer would have to be six!
One way around this would be to upload the film to YouTube, and then your friends and family could view it in the comfort of there own homes.


Cinemas have re-opened in the UK, @Markshot 12. I don't know if they are open in your locality?
I would let their new measures guide me.
Unfortunately, there are a lot of restrictions, including face coverings, social distancing, and contact tracing.
Maybe it would be better to screen the film outside. This is what we tend to do when the big World Cup games are on.


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I would put off the screening for a while or wait until the restrictions ease. The other option would be to make the clip available on YouTube, then allow access to a select few.


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I think we're ok in most parts of the U.S. by now. If everyone has a vax card, or maybe both, you're safe with a large gathering.


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I have never been keen on inviting a lot of people when screening work. There will always be a few friends from the industry who I trust to give honest feedback.


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I love low-key affairs with a few people who can offer constructive feedback. I have a circle of friends who consult and advise each other when the need arises. What approach would you use, @Markshot 12?

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