Samsung’s new Galaxy S21 line


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Samsung's new smartphone contains some upgraded camera features such as the ability to erase objects. That's a boon to selfie lovers and influencers since they won't have to worry about random people ruining their snap. They can just delete the random folks from the background and instantly upload the image to Instagram. The smartphones are set to come out this year. I'm glad that Samsung has started paying more attention to their smartphone camera.


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I can see that phones' camera features, in general, are really upgrading. The resolution is even better when compared to actual cameras from years ago. It's no wonder some YouTubers can maximize using their phone for their vlog content.

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Isn't there something about the peripheral range as well that is better? I was reading reviews last night and I thought I saw something about the S21's ability to catch a wider shot


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This is all news to me. I've got a S21+ but have never played around with it. I would love to be able to delete people. I'll give it a try and let you know. The pictures are much more clear than the last phone I had.

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