Safety on the set

Martin Riley

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Can you believe what happened on the set of Rust? Alec Baldwin discharged a gun believing it to be safe, only to wind up fatally shooting the cinematographer, Halyna Hutchins. What a tragedy! I worry about stuff like this. How can we keep things safe on our own sets?


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Oh my goodness what a horrible mistake! How can they use real bullets during shoots? Is that even allowed? I don't know much about movie shoots, but I always assumed they used fake guns, or at least fake bullets?


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Hopefully, things like these won't repeat themselves. It must have been traumatic for everyone. The actor who misfired is receiving hate, but he probably felt the worst. They should improve the guidelines on the set to prevent cases like this from happening again.


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Oh wow, I didn't hear about it. I just searched for it now after reading your post. As far as I understand, he was given the gun as a prop, so it wasn't his fault. But I bet he feels terrible regardless.

Sweet Takes

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I read that there are a lot of questions about this. A gun is supposed to be inspected multiple times to be sure it's not loaded and there is nothing in the chamber.

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